For Parents & Caregivers


I think we would all agree parenting is the hardest and most important job there is! We intrinsically tend to parent the way we were parented and sometimes that doesn't always work! I have learned so much about parenting not only in my studies and experience in working with children, but especially in my own experience raising a strong-willed child of my own! 


In my experience, the use of encouragement with children is the most important skill a parent or caregiver can use to help their children. Child education expert Rudolf Dreikurs states "A child needs continuous encouragement just as a plant needs water. A child cannot exist and grow up without encouragement."


I love to teach parents and caregivers how to encourage their children, which is much different than praise. I also teach parents and caregivers how to figure out the goals behind their child's misbehavior. Additionally, I like to teach parents how to use Positive Parenting based on the work of Jane Nelsen's Positive Discipline in order to help  children to become responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their community. These tools are deeply respectful to the child as well as their caregivers and removes the power struggle caregivers and children experience.